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Professor: Laszlo Kovacs


Masterclass director: Laszlo Blaskovics - Festival Director of Music Palace Festival,

                                                                  International Representative of Danube Symphony Orchestra

Artistic director: Ferenc Szklenar - Director of DSO

Assistent: Andrea Molnar

Orchestra: Danube Symphony Orchestra ( One of the State Orchestra of Hungary) 


Venue: Danube Symphony Orchestra's concert hall and rehearsal room

Royal Palace of Godollo

Hungary, Godollo, Grassalkovich-kastely 5852, 2100

The Royal Palace of Godollo was the palace of our famous queen Sissi. The Palace is the second biggest Baroque Palace in Europe. 

How to get there:  

- From the airport it takes about 30 min by Taxi.

- From Budapest city: 30 min with Train or Taxi,  or 50 min with suburban railway. 

Music programme of the course:

Mozart: Symphony No. 35  in D major, Haffner

Beethoven: Symphony No. 4

Rossini: La Gazza Ladra – Overture

Tchaikovsky:  Symphony No 4

Strauss:  Zigeunerbaron – Overture


Extra additional programme:  

Tchaikovsky: Violin concerto  in D major, op.3

Violin soloist - Nadja Nevolovitsch 

Member of participants

Active participants: 4-12 people, exclusively smaller groups as in usual masterclasses.

Tuition fees:

Active participants: €1590 (fully refundable until 1st August, and  non refundable after 1st august)

The extra additional programme, the Tchaikovsky Violin concerto has an extra fee: €200

Registration fee, part of the participation fee: €300 (fully refundable until 1st August, and  non refundable after 1st August)

Registration deadline:  1st August 2022  


Passive participants: Free

Also  for the Conducting Masterclass Participants   all the concerts and passive participation of other masterclasses 



Payment information will be sent via email to applicants. 

The participant is responsible for paying the extra costs of the bank transfer. 


About the course:

What is include of your participation fee:

- 2 hours  lessons with the professor and 2 pianists

- 80 minutes conducting time with the Danube Symphony Orchestra and the professor

- participation on the Conducting Masterclasses final concert or in the Matinee concert

- free entrance for Royal Palace of Godollo museums and exhibitions  

- free passive participation at Music Palace Festival masterclasses (Details are on

- free entrance for all concerts at Music Palace Festival

Details about the course:

The masterclass is part of the Music Palace Festival. The festivals include of about 8 masterclasses and 100 concerts on the week. 

All of the masterclasses passive participations are free.

During the conducting masterclass the palace visitors can be part of the masterclass as listeners. 

During the course the active participants are working on the music programme  with  Professor Laszlo Kovacs:

At the half time with two pianists

At the other half of the course every active participants will get 80 minutes conducting time with the Danube Symphony Orchestra.


Tuition languages: English 


Participation in the course is confirmed with a certificate.



At the end of the orchestra rehearsals the Professors and the Orchestra will decide which participants will be awarded with prizes.

Final concert: There will be a final Gala concert on 21st August in Royal Palace of Godollo courtyard  with a selected programme from the course repertoire.

The Gala concert will be part of the Music Palace Festival with expected 500-1000 people audience. 

There will be also possible a matinee concert on 22nd August.  

Each participants will conduct in one of the concert and the professors decision how many minutes, and which music. 

More conducting practice time: 

We  offer  more practice time possibility with the orchestra. 80 minutes/ 890 Eu / 36 member of orchestra.  We can give you the possible dates and times after your inquires. 

Click here for details:



We can also help you find a good accommodation in Budapest or at Godollo, and provide you with all the information you need.



How to apply:

Please send us an email if you are interested. 

Laszlo Blaskovics


Tel: 0036703623921


In the event that the masterclass is cancelled by the organizer due to unforeseen circumstances, the course and registration fees will be fully refunded. However we are not responsible for any incidental expenses such as non-refundable travel fares and accommodation fees.

If the participant forced to cancel due to circumstances beyond her/his control, the course fee is refundable, at the discretion of the organizer.