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Danube Symphony Orchestra

The Danube Symphony Orchestra (DSO) was founded in 1961 in Budapest. Since its formation, it has had many concerts in honoured venues  in Hungary and internationally. The orchestra’s  repertoire is very broad, from Baroque to 20th century music to contemporary compositions.

DSO is located in the heart of Budapest and is the resident ensemble at the Danube Palace. The orchestra has four concert series in one season. As well as their concert series they regularly perform in  Budapest's other concert events at well-known concert venues such as: Palace of Arts, Palace Stefania, Vigado, Budapest Congress & World Trade Center and Liszt Academy of Musicas. The international connections of the orchestra date back more then two decades. In the international music field  they are known not just as a concert symphony orchestra, but as an accompanying orchestra to operetta, opera, ballet and oratorio performances. 

DSO regularly performes  in Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy.

DSO has always attracted excellent players,  many of whom have flourishing chamber music and teaching careers alongside their orchestral work. DSO’s principal conductor is András Deák, and has been for the last 15 years. Nearly 30 years ago the orchestra started the „Danube concert” series, which is still running today. These concerts are primarily intended to provide a selection of the best Hungarian music for visitors who are interested in Hungarian culture.

DSO regularly invites well-known international and Hungarian guest soloists to perform at their concerts; Giuseppe diStefano (operasinger), James Galway (irish flautist), Ray Charles (jazz musician from the USA),  Tamás Velencei (the trumpet soloist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), and Tamás Varga and Róbert Nagy, who are principal cellists of the Wienna Filharmonic Orchestra. 

DSO was the practice orchestra of the Liszt Music Academy's conducting department, nowadays they play in the auditions of conductors who apply for the University.  

DSO is one of the founder member of the Association of Hungarian Symphony Orchestras. The orchestra won the Elgar society's prize and the Pro- Civibus award from the City of Budapest.

Their Artistic Director is Ferenc Szklenár.




Laszlo Blaskovics

International Representative of Danube Symphony Orchestra




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